Code of Conduct

Last Updated August 2023

Learners of Hoërskool Roodepoort are required to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner with high moral standards and show respect towards educators, workers, fellow learners, visitors and the facilities of the school. Respect is demanded for the privacy and personal space of learners, educators, staff and visitors to Hoërskool Roodepoort. 

Learners are expected to comply with all aspects of the Code of Conduct of Hoërskool Roodepoort at all times while wearing the school uniform or whenever they can be identified as learners of the school.

Learners of Hoërskool Roodepoort are free to practice the religion of their own conviction, but are expressly prohibited from interference with the religious conviction of any other learner/s of different religious conviction in any way whatsoever. 

The SGB, Principal and Staff of Hoërskool Roodepoort will endeavor to create a safe environment for learners in an atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and learning. Any transgression of the Code of Conduct of Hoërskool Roodepoort will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Disciplinary Code of Hoërskool Roodepoort. 

The Policies and Procedures (approved by the SGB) from an integral part of the Code of Conduct of Hoërskool Roodepoort:

The facilities of Hoërskool Roodepoort are access-controlled. School begins at 07:30 sharp and ends at 14:00 on Mondays to Fridays and can be amended as deemed necessary. The The facility will open at 07:00 and close at 15:00 and Hoërskool Roodepoort accepts the "In Loco Parentis" principle for learners during these hours or at any earlier time if the learner leaves the premises of the school. At any time before or after this stipulated time, the "In Loco Parentis" will be vested in the parents or legal guardians of learners. If any scheduled event of Hoërskool Roodepoort takes place, the school will accept "In Loco Parentis" for a learner for the duration of the event and will thereafter transfer the "In Loco Parentis" back to the parents/legal guardians o the learner, 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event of 30 minutes after the return of a learner to the premises of Hoërskool Roodepoort. 

Hoërskool Roodepoort is an access-controlled facility. A learner can only gain access to to the school grounds and facilities through the main points of entry at: 

    • The pedestrian gate in Kilburn Street next to the Main Hall (ONLY Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners).

    • The Small Theatre gate in König Avenue (ONLY Grade 8, 9 and 10 learners). 

The points of entry as described above will close at 07:45 and all latecomers will be redirected through the side entrance in the Admin block via the pedestrian gate in König Avenue. 

Demerits (-5) will be issued for arriving late for school.

     • At the end of the school day, learners are expected to leave the school grounds through the main points of exit at: 

         • Kilburn Street next to the Main Hall (from 14:15).

         • The Fanie van Vuuren Small Threatre gate in König Avenue (close at 14:15). 

     • Learners who do not leave the school grounds immediately at the end of the school day:

         • Are not allowed to loiter around the buildings/stairs/bathrooms or any other area on the school premises.

         • Must report to the designated waiting area to be collected or leave the school grounds after school. 

         • Must move without delay to the venue of any extramural activity. 

     • Any learner who does not enter (or leave) the school grounds in accordance with the procedures described above, will be deemed to be on the     school grounds illegally and will be issued with a Direct Detention, scheduled for the first available detention session. 

     • The safety of learners are of the utmost importance. Learners are obligated to wait in the demarcated waiting area to be picked up by parents     after 14:30. Learners are alerted to the dangers of waiting/loitering outside of the school as it is an unprotected/unpoliced area. The 'School' cannot     provide any protection outside of the school grounds. 

The SBG of Hoërskool Roodepoort grants the Principal of the school or his/her designated Staff member or appointed Security Officer permission to search any person/bag/belongings/locker on the premises of the school to ensure that the terms and conditions of the Code of Conduct for the Learners of Hoërskool Roodepoort is honored in all respects.

If the Parents/Guardians of a learner repeatedly fail to collect the learner from school, form 22 (Deliberate Child Neglect, Section 110 of the Children's Act 38 of 2005) will be submitted to the relevant authorities. 

    • Learners may not enter the premises of Hoërskool Roodepoort if they are in possession of any of the following:

        • Any cigarettes, butanol-lighters or matches.

        • Any e-cigarette/vape/hubbly/bong or any other drug paraphernalia.

        • Any drug, prohibited or illegal substance or substance with a narcotic effect that alters the mental state of learners (Codeine, 'Lean' or other similar mixtures).

        • Marijuana or synthetic marijuana or any other synthetic ('herbal') substance or dagga oil. 

        • Any type of knife or sharp metal object or any other object that can we used as a weapon.

        • Any type of firearm, gas/air-gun/pistol or BB-gun or blow pipe, or non-functional replica of the items mentioned. 

        • Any merchandise (including any food or beverage item) with the intention to sell it or exchange it for money on the premises of Hoërskool Roodepoort.

        • Gambling paraphernalia or any objects that can be used for any act of gambling. 

        • Any type of fireworks or explosive devices. 


    • No cellular phones or electronic devices are allowed during school hours.

    • No ball games will be allowed on the Quad or nay other area between the buildings before, during or after school.

    • The time allowed for the changing between classes or return to classes after break is limited to five minutes.

        • After 5 minutes, -5 demerits will be registered for being late for class. 

        • After 10 minutes, -15 demerits will be registered for class disruption.

    • Learners are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours, unless they follow the correct procedure to be signed out by     parents/legal guardians through the administrative staff in reception. 

        • If a parent/legal guardian is not able to pick up his/her child, he/she must give written consent to the school before the learner will be allowed to         leave.

    • Access to lockers will be restricted to before school, during break time and after school. Lockers will be locked at all other times. 

    • Learners are expected to have all relevant study material and stationary for each class during the school day. Learners will not be allowed to access     their lockers during class time.

    • Learners must keep classes, bathrooms and the school grounds tidy and free of litter.

    • Learners must, at all times, be in possession of their HSR Diary.

        • A learner may not leave any class during the school day unless necessary permission by the class teacher is given.

Hoërskool Roodepoort is a place of learning and teaching. This noble objective can only be realized if learners are in class and participating in learning activities during lesson periods. Learners are therefore expected to be in class and participating actively in learning and teaching activities at all times during periods. To regulate exceptional situations where a learner needs to leave the class due to a personal emergency, the learner will be issued with the 'EMERGENCY CLASS TOKEN' so that the learner can leave the class to attend to his/her emergency.

    • No learner is allowed to be outside of a classroom without an 'Emergency Class Token'. 

    • Any learner outside a classroom during register period/lesson periods, will be penalized with Demerit points.

    • A learner will not be allowed to leave a classroom during the following times:

        • Register period.

        • Before or after allocated break times.

        • During the last period of the day. 

Learners are required to manage their personal needs before the start of the school day, during break time and after school in order to facilitate an environment conductive to effective learning and teaching. Learners with special medical conditions/needs must supply a letter from a doctor to their register teacher before any alternative measures can be arranged. 

The correct school uniform is held in high regard at Hoërskool Roodepoort, be it at school, at sport practices and meetings, or during cultural activities, on buses, or anywhere in public. Learners are to be dressed in full school uniform from the moment that they leave their homes, until they return in the afternoon. Uniforms must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. This, we believe, helps every learner to develop a healthy self-image and personal pride. No learner may deviate from the set rules.
The rules are clear and simple and they are easy to understand and apply. Only clothing approved by the SBG will be allowed. Only prescribed school wear obtained at the approved suppliers, is permitted. The Dress Code has been decided upon by a committee consisting of parents, learners and teachers, and approved by the SGB. A list of suppliers is available at Reception. 

Summer Wear 

     • Black shoes - Baby Dolls (always fastened) or lace-ups (always tied).

    • Navy blue striped socks. (No white socks will be allowed). 

    • Navy blue Hoërskool Roodepoort trousers (without pockets) or navy blue skirt (maximum 10cm above the knee when kneeling).

    • No school trouser legs may be tapered - (no 'skinny' trousers), no zips or Velcro may be used in the legs of trousers. 

    • White short-sleeved shirt (tucked-in). Summer shirts are open-necked.

    • No long-sleeved vests to be worn under short-sleeved shirts - (NOT white, black or any color).

    • No girl is allowed to wear only a white shirt (long or short-sleeved). A pullover is compulsory over a white shirt and may be worn without a school     blazer. 

    • A long-sleeved jersey without a blazer OR a shirt AND blazer without a long-sleeve jersey or sleeveless pullover is NOT ALLOWED. 

    • No learner may come to school with only a long-sleeved jersey.

    • Summer and Winter uniforms may not be combined. Learners must wear the entire Winter or Summer school uniform. 

The switch from summer to winter wear and vice versa will be announced at the sole discretion of the Principal/SGB of the School. 

Winter Wear 

    • Navy blue tights (78 decitex). Opaque. In extremely cold weather, BLUE School socks may be worn UNDERNEATH stockings.

    • Only Hoërskool Roodepoort navy trousers (without pockets) that are available from the approved suppliers may be worn with the navy socks.     School trousers MAY NOT be tapered. NO 'skinny' trousers. No zips in the trouser legs. No buttons.

    • Long-Sleeve white shirt with sleeveless pullover or long-sleeved pullover, tie and blazer.

    • A tie and blazer is compulsory every day. A red RCL tie is acceptable, even if the learner is no longer serving on the RCL. 

    • Learners are allowed to wear the HSR Tracksuit top underneath their blazers on an exceptionally cold day. A tracksuit top only is NOT considered     school uniform. 

    • The HSR winter jacket may be worn instead of a blazer.

    • Only the official HSR scarf is allowed. 

    • Shoes are always to be fastened (lace-ups, as well as straps). 

    • Only the approved dark blue HSR beanie with the school emblem may be worn throughout the year. Alternatively, the approved Spotty hat may be     worn. Only approved hats and beanies that are available from our school suppliers may be worn. 


    • Learners must have neat, appropriate hairstyles that compliment the school uniform. 

    • Learners are NOT allowed to dye their hair and colored braids will not be permitted. Only natural hair color will be allowed. 

    • Long fringes and shoulder length hair must be tied. 

    • The wet look is not allowed.

    • Afro or other hairstyles are not acceptable.

    • Ribbons - Only red ribbons, available at suppliers.

    • Elastics - Only black or brown.

    • Alice-Bands - Only black or brown. No dots or stripes. 

    • Narrow fabric hairbands are allowed (black or brown). No flowers or shiny embellishments. 

    • Only fine braiding that can be fastened will be allowed.

    • No silver/gold/transparent or any other color hairpins or beads are allowed in braids. 

    • Long hair, regardless of style, must be fastened at all times.

    • Colorless decorative hair beads will be allowed for senior girls (Grade 10-12).

    • Decorative beads are not allowed for junior girls (Grade 8+9).


    • No make-up is allowed.

    • Girls with facial skin problems must submit a doctor's certificate for permission to wear foundation or make-up.


    • No nail polish, gel or acrylic nails are allowed.

    • Nails should be clipped short so that it is not visible as seen from the palm of the hand.


    • ONLY a wrist watch and signet ring are allowed.

    • Earrings: Silver or gold studs or sleeper earrings. ONLY one per ear and only at the bottom of the lobe. No colored stone, pearl or diamond earrings.

    • No tongue, nose or navel rings are allowed.

    • Learners are not allowed to cover piercings, earrings or studs with plasters.

    • Only Medic Alert bracelets are allowed.

    • NO tattoos are permitted. Existing ones must be covered with clothing, plaster or with concealer make-up.


    • NO old matric ties may be worn by anyone.

    • Only badges issued and approved by the school may be worn on blazer lapels.

    • Learners are not allowed to wear any badges or buttons on their school jerseys, shirts, ties, or any other place except for their blazer lapels.

    • Only learners with religious objections regarding the shaving of facial hair and who can produce an official letter of permission from the     appropriate religious leader (eg. Priest or Imam), may apply to the SGB for exception to this rule. The SGB may grant or decline the request. 

Summer Wear 

    • ONLY black school shoes with black shoelaces (always fastened). No black sneakers or formal shoes. 

    • Shoes should always be polished and clean. 

    • ONLY grey school socks are allowed. 

    • Only black belts with a simply buckle not wider than the belt, are allowed. 

    • Grey school trousers or shorts with a white school shirt (long or short sleeves).

    • No trousers are allowed to be tapered - no 'skinny' trousers are allowed. No zips or Velcro may be used in the legs of trousers. No buttons may be     used to replace the zip fly's zip. 

    • Trousers may not be rolled up - the trouser leg must touch the back of the shoe. 

    • A school tie must be tied in a neat knot and must hang no more than 5cm above the trouser belt. 

    • The sleeveless Hoërskool Roodepoort pullover may be worn without a school blazer. 

    • A blazer is compulsory when a long-sleeve jersey is worn. 

    • A tracksuit top without a school blazer is not allowed. 

    • ONLY the approved dark blue HSR beanie with the school emblem may be worn throughout the year. Alternatively, a Spotty hat may be worn. Only     hats and beanies that are available from our school suppliers may be worn. The emblem must be worn facing the front. 

    • Trousers may not be worn with revealing underwear or hanging halfway down or below the buttocks. 

Winter Wear 

    • A tie and blazer or winter jacket is compulsory every day. 

    • A school jersey may be worn under the blazer. 

    • Learners are not allowed to wear the HSR tracksuit top underneath their blazers on exceptionally cold days. No tracksuit top is allowed to be worn     on it's own with the school uniform.

    • Only the official HSR scarf is allowed. 

    • NO sleeveless pullover may be worn over a long-sleeve jersey.

    • A long-sleeve jersey must always be worn with a blazer.

    • No other jumpers/fleeces or jackets may be worn. 

    • No long sleeved vest/T-shirts are to be worn under short-sleeve shirts. (NOT white, blue, black or any other color).

    • ONLY the approved dark blue HSR beanie with the school emblem may be worn throughout the year. Alternatively, a Spotty hat may be worn. Only      hats and beanies that are available from our school suppliers may be worn. The emblem must be worn facing the front.


    • Hair must be clean, well-groomed and cut short.

    • Hair should follow the natural hair line and should not touch the collar.

    • Mullets, Mohawk cuts, spikes, long sideburns, Afros, dreadlocks, braids, mop heads, steps, tails, pony-tails and similar hairstyles are prohibited.     Permission for religious purposes must be applied for through the SGB.

    • Learners are NOT allowed to dye or put highlights in their hair. Hair products may be used in moderation (only if all of the above rules are adhered     to). 

    • No corn hair patterns shaved on their side of the head will be permitted.  

    • No long fringes hanging over the eyes will be allowed. 

    • Only braids that are worn close to the head (without tails in the neck) are allowed. 

    • Spikey hair should not be longer than 3 cm.

    • Boys are under no circumstances allowed to tie their hair in any kind of ponytail or bun on top or at the back of the head. 

    • No silver/gold/transparent or any other color hair pins or beads (hair jewelry) are allowed in hair/braids.


    • Boys must shave EVERY DAY

    • No goatees or sideburns are allowed. If you are unshaven, you will be provided with a razor and asked to shave before being allowed into any     classroom. 

    • No headgear other than the official embroidered beanie bought from the approved suppliers are allowed. All other beanies and headgear will be     confiscated. 

    • Only learners with religious objections regarding the shaving of facial hair who can produce an official letter of permission from the appropriate religious leader (eg. Priest or Imam), may apply to the SGB for exception to this rule. The SGB may grant or decline the request. 


    • Boys are not allowed to wear make-up.  


    • No jewelry is allowed for boys except for a wristwatch. 

    • NO rings, armbands, neck chains, or any other jewelry is allowed. 

    • Boys are not allowed to have piercings of any kind. 

    • Only official Hoërskool Roodepoort badges may be worn on blazer lapels. 

    • Permission to wear religious wristbands must be applied for and these applications must be accompanied by a formal letter from the leader of the learner's church or other religious institution. 


    • Tattoos are discouraged.

    • Existing tattoos should be covered at all times. 

    NO markings on the skin must be visible.

Hoërskool Roodepoort is a cellular phone/electronic-device free zone.  Cellular phones/electronic devices are not allowed to be used by learners during school hours (from 7:30 to 14:00). Learners are encouraged to leave cellular phones at home. 
The school and it's staff members will neither take responsibility for any cellular phone at school nor investigate any lost/stolen phone. Learners/Parents are advised to report lost/stolen phones directly to the SAPD at their own convenience. 

    • Any cellular phone/electronic device/cellular phone accessories operated/utilized by a learner during school hours (including during break time) will     be confiscated.


        • Will be retained for a minimum period of 10 school days (from the day following confiscation of the device). 

        • Alternatively, a confiscated cellular phone/electronic device will only be released on presentation of a proof of payment of a penalty fee of R200,         from the financial office.

        • Release of a confiscated cellular phone/electronic device will only take place after school hours.

    • No learner is allowed to take any picture, video-recording or voice-recording of any educator, fellow-learner, staff or event on the school grounds         of Hoërskool Roodepoort, unless expressive permission has been granted prior to the event (in compliance to the POPI ACT (Act 4 of 2013). 

    • Non-compliance to the POPI-Act is considered to be of a very serious nature and is classified on Category C-Level (-30 Demerits/Direct         Detention/Possible External Disciplinary Hearing and possible expulsion from the school).

    • The taking of any picture/image, video recording and/or voice recording of any Staff member of Hoërskool Roodepoort or any other individual on     or around the premises of Hoërskool Roodepoort is deemed to be of a very serious nature and is classified on Category C-Level (-30 Demerits,     External Disciplinary Hearing, and possible expulsion from the school).

The school will endeavor to assist all learners to contact their parents in an emergency situation on reasonable grounds. 

Failing to adhere to the cellular phone and electronic device policy of Hoërskool Roodepoort is deemed to be of a serious nature and is classified on the Category C-Level (-30 Demerits, External Disciplinary Hearing and possible expulsion from school). 

Parents are encouraged to provide their child/children with a cheap cellular phone with no connection to the internet or camera if a device is required for communication with parents to help protect the learner from falling prey to theft and robberies of phones. No type of cellular phone may be used during school hours!


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Consumer Studies

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Creative Arts

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Hoërskool Roodepoort
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  • Horison
  • Roodepoort
  • 1724

  • Tel: +27 (0)11 763 5831
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